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Hotelierkit For Hotels 

At Hotelierkit, we focus on providing your team with easy to use elements & optimized built-in Web dev template websites based on the right marketing data and tools to help you develop and optimize your own hotel website in order to generate more conversion and revenue.  

With our conversion tactics specializing for hotels and e-commerce marketing, we’ve tested and developed powerful built-in templates and elements that help you easily set up, adjust, and experiment with variations on-page through your website. 

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Hotelierkit works with hotels to help them create pre-design, feature-rich and conversion-optimized websites (template library) that are built to convert lookers to bookers. Our marketing data along with our industry-leading experience give you the control needed to grow your websites and business.

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of site with your brand

We understand how important it is to develop technology that perfectly suits your business. Hence, we have lists of built-in templates and website elements that allow you to adjust and customize so that they are tailored to your brand, with easy drag and drop system to make changes or updates on your site. 

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Quick changes for hotels

As a hotelier, you need to constantly keep up with emerging trends and changes in demand and guest preferences. We as a platform developer is created to help your marketing team quickly launch campaigns or make changes to your websites that are adapted to real-time market conditions.

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Hotel credit reservation system

Help your business generate cash flow and get more business on the books, without selling directly rooms. Through hotel credit program, hotels get some much-needed cash, and travelers get a deal down the road to cash in on whenever things get back up and running - a win-win solution for both travelers and hoteliers.

Think of hotel credit as a gift card, something that you buy now to redeem in the future, with no blackout dates and no small print - all at a deep discounted price.

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Popup nudges built-in

Enhance your website and capture more leads with smart pop-ups messages! By using Hotelierkit personalized experiences and dynamic messaging features, you can serve relevant information to your customers at the right time and in the right way. 

Personalized experiences and dynamic messaging features

In a matter of minutes you can create dynamic scenarios on your site: add promotional pop-up ads, exit intent banners for lead capture, function call option when your visitors perform certain actions or dialog boxes that show up on page load or time delay. With our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor, the possibilities are endless.

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With Hotelier Kit

Create Customization And Targeted Website Messages At Your Fingertips

Advanced drag & drop editor for simple customization.png

Advanced drag & drop editor for simple customization

Advanced targeting options and custom triggers.png

Advanced targeting options and custom triggers

Responsive design and mobile friendly.png

Responsive design and mobile friendly

Wide range of well designed templates.png

Wide range of well designed templates

Easy integration with your CRM.png

Easy integration with your CRM

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A/B test, monitor performance and make quick changes


E-commerce insight - Build-in

Google Analytics

Ecommerce hotel Insights is Hotelierkit's data-driven way to understand how guests behave on hotel websites – the most important information you’re currently missing. By compiling data from both lookers and bookers, Ecommerce Insights can unlock new information into your guest’s motivations and website performance – essential information for any hotel marketer or e-commerce team.

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